About FineAssociates and NYC Off-Market Real Estate

About Private NYC Off-Market Real Estate (OMRE) Advisors

Confidentiality | Catered Selection | 20+ Years Experience | Our Fee | International

What are Off-market properties? | Properties that are not listed anywhere for sale
What are the benefits? | More than 95% of NYC real estate is Off-market, higher chance of winning bids and options
What we do? | If buying, we create a catered selection of options based on your criteria and provide full transaction services
| Whisper Properties are properties that are privately offered to a select group of investors
Why us? | It's a free one-stop shop. We specialize in NYC Off-market properties, guarantee data security and privacy

You can always count on our Team, who will Make Ourselves Available and go the Extra Mile to help you with either your personal or business property needs.

From the one family Home to the Ultra High Luxury properties, our expertise has been drawing a vast spectrum of Clients and Investors from both the US and Overseas, accommodating their most complex and sophisticated needs, and turning Dreams into a Reality.

It will be an Honor to advise and serve you.

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